City Clerk Cheryl Link

Cheryl Link was appointed City Clerk in May 2014, but is hardly new to the City of Norco. Before taking an opportunity in the Murrieta City Clerk’s Office, she worked as an Executive Secretary in Norco’s Parks, Recreation & Community Services Department and later as Norco’s Deputy City Clerk from 2001 to 2006. Ms. Link was delighted to return to the City of Norco, which she appreciates for its small town atmosphere and engaged citizenry.  

A Southern California native, Ms. Link holds a B.A. in Business Management from California State University, San Bernardino. “The role of the City Clerk is one of the oldest positions in local government but is often misunderstood,” explains Ms. Link. “The City Clerk is often the direct link between residents and their government,” she adds, emphasizing that a major part of her role is to improve accessibility and transparency in government.

 The City Clerk is frequently the first contact for residents seeking information about their government, and works closely with citizen commissions and committees, as well as City Council. “I chose public service for the opportunity to make a difference,” says Ms. Link, who suggests local government has the most direct impact on people’s lives. She finds it personally satisfying to assist residents in understanding the political process and keeping them informed, and insists, “The City Clerk is the community’s partner in democracy.”

In 2015, Ms. Link earned the prestigious Certified Municipal Clerk designation, which allows her to keep up to date with new statutes, technologies and innovations in her field. She proudly represents the City of Norco in the Southern California City Clerks Association and the International Institute of Municipal Clerks.

Believing strongly in giving back to one’s community, the City Clerk is  an active leader with Cub Scouts. A mother of three, Ms. Link enjoys the outdoors, music and traveling with her family.


Cheryl Link, CMC
City Clerk
Office: (951) 270-5617
Fax: (951) 270-5622

Diane Germain
Deputy City Clerk
Office: (951) 582-5545
Fax: (951) 270-5622