City Clerk's Department

The City Clerk’s Department assures the timely presentation of formal communications from the public, other agencies, and City staff to the City Council. The Clerk prepares and distributes the City Council meeting agenda in coordination with the City Manager. The Clerk maintains the official City records, which reflect the actions of the Governing Body. The General and Special Municipal elections are consolidated with the Riverside County Registrar of Voters in compliance with election laws of the State of California.

The Department maintains a depository of contracts, agreements, and official City Council actions and insures the timely availability of these records to the Council, public, other agencies and staff. To submit a Public Records Act request, please print out the form at the bottom of this page. You can either drop off the form at the City Clerk's Office at City Hall or fax it to us at (951) 270-5622.

The City Clerk's Department maintains the Government Channel and provides supplements to the Norco Municipal and Zoning Codes. As an Elections Official, the City Clerk oversees Municipal Elections and administers Campaign Financial Disclosure Statements and Statements of Economic Interests, as required by State law.

Public Records Request Form

SB 272 - Disclosure of Enterprise Systems

Dana Roa, CMC
City Clerk
Office: (951) 270-5617
Fax: (951) 270-5622


Diane Germain, CMC
Deputy City Clerk
Office: (951) 582-5545
Fax: (951) 270-5622