Economic Development Department

The Economic Development Department currently focuses on two major strategies. First, it is committed to enhancing the economic vitality of the community, attracting new businesses and nurturing relationships with existing enterprises. Second, the Department is actively positioning Horsetown USA as an appealing destination for visitors, providing the amenities that make it competitive in the hospitality industry.

Commitment to Economic Vitality

The Department is dedicated to creating a favorable economic environment in which businesses of all kinds can prosper. We actively seek out businesses that contribute to a vibrant economy while complementing the community’s Western lifestyle, constantly balancing revenue-generating potential against our high quality of life. Many Fortune 500 companies maintain a presence in Norco, some adapting their images to suit the City’s unique character. They have discovered that a Norco address is likely to be among their top-performing locations nationwide.

Developing a Destination

Part of the Department’s strategic vision involves enhancing Norco as a tourist destination, thereby generating new revenue while preserving Norco’s heritage. Horsetown USA’s Western character—a place to ride along hillside trails, purchase Western clothing or art, and dine at a rustic steakhouse—makes for a great weekend getaway, just an hour from downtown L.A. SilverLakes Equestrian & Sports Park, a world-class venue projected to eventually draw 2 million visitors a year, and George Ingalls Equestrian Event Center reinforce Horsetown USA’s viability as a destination.


Roger Grody
Economic Development Consultant
Office: (951) 270-5644
Fax: (951) 270-5622