Capital Improvement Projects

The City of Norco Public Works Department invests in its infrastructure through its rolling five-year Capital Improvement Program (CIP). Using various funding sources (revenues generated from ratepayers and user fees, grants, and bonds), the City acquires, repairs, or replaces the major assets needed to deliver its services (water, sewer, streets, trails, street lights, traffic signals and storm drains) to the City's residents and businesses. The CIP includes extensive water and sewer main replacement, replacement of aging equipment, street reconstruction and paving, street striping, horse trails and trail fencing, new storm drains, new water and sewer treatment plants, and a variety of other projects. 

In general, the City’s capital projects are determined based on available funds, community enhancement, infrastructure, safety, and community need. The fiscal impacts of developing capital projects include future maintenance and operational costs. Currently, the City is in the process of completing the design and construction of various capital improvement projects approved and budgeted by City Council for fiscal year 2021-22.  The interactive map below identifies the type of projects the City has planned for fiscal year 2021-22, their location and the latest project details about each project (schedule, costs, completion rate, etc). The interactive map also has project data from past fiscal years.

Current Projects – Please click this link if you would like to review the interactive map in full page format.