Public Works Department

The Public Works Department consists of six divisions: Engineering, Water Maintenance, Street Maintenance, Sewer Maintenance, Parkway Maintenance and Storm Drainage. The following are descriptions of the services provided by each division:

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  • Engineering Division - This Division is responsible for the maintenance of technical records, issuance of public right-of-way encroachment permits, design and construction management of capital improvement projects, site plan and final map checking, processing of lot merger and lot line adjustments, compliance and implementation of NPDES, issuance of oversize transport permits, issuance of grading permits, research for response to claims against the City, preparation of grant applications, providing coordination with various State and County regulatory oversight departments and inspection of public and private projects within the public right-of-way. Water Maintenance Division - Approximately 49 percent of the 14 field employees' time is devoted to water maintenance issues. The City currently depends on five wells and two outside agency connections for potable water supplies. The City has four reservoirs with a combined storage capacity of 9 million gallons. It also has a treatment facility that removes iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide from well water. The Water Maintenance Division provides for the operation and maintenance of the entire water supply and distribution system of the City, insuring a safe uninterruptible potable water supply of sufficient volume and pressure to meet domestic, irrigation, and fire flow requirements.
  • Street Maintenance Division - Approximately 20 percent of the 14 field employees' time is devoted to street maintenance. The City has approximately 77 miles of public streets and typical responsibilities include administration of contracts for street sweeping, pavement striping, tree trimming, traffic signal maintenance and roadway repair. City crews utilize the assistance of one California Rehabilitation Center inmate crew (four to eight individuals) to remove debris and weeds from parkways as well as pothole repair and minor street patching. Crews maintain regulatory, permit parking and directional street signing, as well as assist in traffic control during emergencies.
  • Sewer Maintenance Division - Approximately 12 percent of the 14 field employees' time is devoted to sewer maintenance issues. This division provides for the continued maintenance and operation of the City's sanitary sewer system, as well as for the annual cost of effluent treatment. This division has the primary responsibility of providing scheduled routine maintenance of the sanitary sewer system, operation and maintenance of the 10 lift stations, as well as providing for emergency maintenance repair response.
  • Parkway Maintenance Division - Approximately 11 percent of the 14 field employees' time is devoted to parkway and trail maintenance issues. This division is responsible for the repair and maintenance of approximately 74 miles of equestrian trail facilities, including surfacing and fencing. This division is also responsible for the maintenance of regulatory no-parking signs in the horse trails.
  • Storm Drainage Division - Approximately 8 percent of the 14 field employees' time is devoted to storm drain maintenance. City field crews are responsible for maintaining inlet structures, collector pipes, and catch basins while the major channels, both lined and unlined, are the responsibility of the Riverside County Flood Control and Conservation District.

Chad Blais
Public Works Director
Office: (951) 270-5678
Fax: (951) 270-5640



Sam Nelson
Deputy Public Works Director/Deputy City Engineer
Office: (951) 270-5677
Fax: (951) 270-5640

Derek Lacombe
Public Works Superintendent
Office: (951) 270-5605
Fax: (951) 270-5640

Shannon Dahl
Permit Technician
Office: (951) 270-5627
Fax: (951) 270-5640


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