Trail System

The City of Norco was incorporated to preserve an equestrian and animal-keeping lifestyle.  The preservation of an equestrian trail circulation system is vital to maintaining the rural and animal-keeping/equestrian lifestyle of the community. The unmatched freedom and uniqueness of that trail system provided to the equestrians in the community is a goal that should be preserved and built upon.  The motto "City Living in a Rural Atmosphere" arches over the profile of a horse on the City of Norco's official seal.  This motto symbolizes a central long-term goal of Norco's community leaders.  It should also be noted that the City has trademarked the logo “Horsetown USA” for the community which shows an equestrian riding on a City trail.

 The City of Norco has worked hard to establish and improve the community’s quality of life through the development of the trails system, improving trail segments to form a large recreational and transportation network. The trail system has improved opportunities for equestrians to have pleasure rides, to ride to commercial areas, get exercise, learn more about the community, meet other equestrians, observe and experience the outdoors, and preserve the community.

Comprehensive Trail Master Plan (Updated 3-21-18)

Appendix A - Horsetrail Atlas

Appendix B - Trail Standard Drawings


Trail Map – Please click this link if you would like to review the interactive map in full page format.