Strategic Plan

View the City of Norco 2016 Strategic Plan

View the 2016-2019 Strategic Plan Progress Report

On February 5, 2020, the City Council was provided with third-year progress updates on the City of Norco Strategic Plan, which was adopted in 2016 pursuant to unanimous approvals by all City commissions and advisory boards. The Strategic Plan guided City decisions and actions during the past several years, and every staff report considered by City Council was required to demonstrate the proposed action’s consistency with the Strategic Plan.

The strategic priorities, which were developed by commission and advisory board members, City Council members, staff and residents, are as follows:

  1. Infrastructure – Establish funding for planning, maintenance, replacement and development of infrastructure
  2. Community Outreach – Engage with the community through excellent customer service, communication and programs
  3. Financial Stability – Assure financial stability by identifying new revenue sources and continuing prudent financial management
  4. Economic Development – Increase transient occupancy tax (TOT) and sales tax  by attracting new businesses, retaining existing businesses, and attracting tourism
  5. Public Safety – Improve the quality of life by enhancing public safety services

Every year, the City Council and department heads held a workshop to update the City’s Strategic Plan to ensure that specific goals and actions codified in the Strategic Plan were being achieved or were on track. Virtually every action plan enumerated in the Plan has now been achieved, which speaks highly of the City Council, staff, commissions and advisory boards—as well as the Norco community, which has provided valuable input throughout the process. In late spring or early summer 2020, the community will come together again to begin formulating a new Strategic Plan to address current issues and aspirations in the City of Norco.