Equestrian Historic District

Why is the City of Norco Interested in Creating an Equestrian Historic District?

An Equestrian Historic District would celebrate and preserve Norco’s rich agricultural heritage, while ensuring that its distinct rural character and enduring animal-keeping lifestyle—those qualities that are unique in the Inland Empire and the entire State of California—are protected for future generations.

What is an Equestrian Historic District?

A Historic District is a demarcated area with properties that share a common theme. Most of the residentially-zoned neighborhoods in Norco share a variety of elements pertinent to an Equestrian Historic District, including equestrian trails, equestrian trail fencing, parks with equestrian amenities, large lots (typically a half-acre or larger), and permanent animal-keeping areas.

What Properties would be Included in the Equestrian Historic District?

Approximately 6,000 residential properties, encompassing every property within the City’s various animal-keeping zones, would be included in the Equestrian Historic District. These zones include the HS (Hillside Residential), OS (Open Space), LD Limited Development, A-E (Agricultural Estate), A-1-10 (Agriculture – Low Density 10 ac.), A-1-20 (Agricultural – Low Density 20,000 sq. ft.) and A-1-40 (Agricultural – Low Density 40,000 sq. ft.) Additionally, the District would include commercial properties lining Sixth Street from Sierra Avenue to California Avenue, because they reflect the equestrian heritage that is prized in Norco. To verify your property’s zone, click here

How Will the Equestrian Historic District Affect My Property Rights?

The creation of an Equestrian Historic District will not impose any new requirements or obligations on property owners beyond existing zoning regulations. This is very different from other cities’ historic districts that are based on architecture, as the creation of an Equestrian Historic District will not impose new restrictions on structures or land uses.

How is an Equestrian Historic District Created?

The process of creating an Equestrian Historic District is very public and transparent, and is ultimately approved by the Norco City Council at a public hearing, which provides the opportunity for resident input. All property owners would be formally notified of the public hearing via their mailed utility bill and are able to submit public comments.

How Can Residents Participate in the Process?

To submit written comments regarding the creation of the proposed Equestrian Historic District, email citycouncil@ci.norco.ca.us or mail comments to Norco City Hall ATTN: City Clerk, 2870 Clark Avenue, Norco, CA 92860.

How Can Residents Receive More Information?

For more information, contact the City of Norco at (951) 270-5623 or info@ci.norco.ca.us

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