Measure R

Measure R, a one-cent transactions and use tax, was approved by Norco voters on November 6, 2018, during the General Municipal Election. Also referred to as the Lifestyle Protection and Vital Services Measure, Measure R will generate approximately $4.5 million a year and allows Norco to invest in infrastructure and vital services. Measure R allows Norco to preserve its quality of life, and restore deteriorating streets, trails, parks, facilities and equestrian amenities while preventing additional cuts to Norco’s public safety services so safe levels of sheriff and fire protection can be maintained without risking emergency response times.

Measure R has built-in safeguards and requires firm citizens oversight, as well as third-party independent audits, to ensure that the revenue is allocated to the projects, programs and services that Norco residents agree are important for Horsetown USA. The Measure R Citizens’ Oversight Committee is made up of Norco residents who oversee spending to ensure that the community’s priorities are satisfied. The Citizens’ Oversight Committee reviews schedules and lists of proposed projects and programs to be funded with Measure R revenues, prioritizes projects and programs and provides recommendations to the City Council for final approval.

On Wednesday, August 21, 2019, the Norco City Council approved funding for the following projects and programs for Fiscal Year 2019-2020.

 Project Description Amount
 Trail System Maintenance  $500,000
 Trail Fence Replacement  $100,000
Street Projects  $1,500,000
Citywide Roof Projects  $805,500
Sheriff Sub-Station and City Hall Improvements  $204,000
Citywide AC/Swamp Cooler Replacement  $230,000
Parking Lot Projects  $295,625
Citywide ADA Assessment  $30,000
Santa Ana River Trail Project $168,000


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