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A Message from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department

On Sunday, May 31, Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco issued the following message:

"The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department stands shoulder to shoulder with our community as we all mourn the tragic and senseless death of George Floyd. What we saw on that video does not represent the professionalism and pride we have for our profession, or the empathy, compassion, and respect we have for our communities.

As we all watch the rioting, looting, and lawlessness shown on television and our social media pages from around the country, this photo, taken by photographer Scott Padgett, was the culmination of a peaceful rally in Temecula on Saturday.

Throughout our history, protesting has been a part of change. Our laws, and specifically our Constitution, protect the rights of people and allow for peaceful protests in times such as these. The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department will ensure protests are peaceful and meaningful while we protect those attending the rallies. We will not allow criminals, professional rioters, and instigators to victimize our communities while painting Riverside County as something we are not.

Sheriff’s Deputies will be out in full force over the next several days making sure peaceful protestors are safe and allowed to gather while at the same time protecting businesses, property, and residents from violence and those promoting destruction. The safety of our deputies, the public, and our businesses is a priority."

Coverage in Norco

 Although the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department is stretched thin, Norco continues to receive its regular patrol. With ongoing emergency operations, Riverside County Sheriff’s Department deputies and supervisors are stretched thin, assigned to major incidents occurring in different parts of the County. Nonetheless, Norco is still receiving its regular patrol (60 hours daily) by Department deputies and Community Service Officers (CSOs).

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