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Does Your House Have Star Quality? Submit Your Photos!

With the production of feature films, television and commercials in Los Angeles County still shut down due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Norco is being closely looked at by producers as a viable shooting location. Norco is beyond the so-called Thirty-Mile Zone (TMZ)—a preferred production area within a 30-mile radius of the intersection of Beverly and La Cienega Boulevards in L.A.—but that designation is losing its importance. Producers are anxious to find alternative film-friendly locations, even if they are outside of the TMZ, and Norco has come to their attention.

Both custom and standard houses are used in commercials, television shows and movies on a regular basis, and producers pay homeowners several thousands of dollars per day to use private residences for shooting. If you think your house would be a good candidate for a film shoot, submit a few interior and exterior photos via email and we will place them in a library accessible to location scouts looking for new residential settings. Current architectural qualities in demand include updated white kitchens, red barns, large green spaces, and unique Western-style façades.

Any address numbers or other elements of personal identification will be blurred out or erased in the photos, which will be screened by an experienced location scout with an ongoing consulting agreement with the City of Norco to promote film production in the community.

Filming is great for the local economy. The cast and crew of film shoots frequently stay overnight in Norco hotels, and they patronize local stores, gas stations and restaurants, generating tax revenue to the City. In addition to requiring permits for shooting, the City of Norco has strict requirements of film crews that minimize their impact on local residents.

For more information or to submit photos, email