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Respecting Citizens' First Amendment Rights

Published: June 25, 2020

As an inclusive community that embodies patriotism year-round, the City of Norco respects the First Amendment rights of citizens to assemble and express their views and opinions through varying methods of communication and participation, including peaceful demonstrations, rallies and protests. In the spirit of well-established American values, planned demonstrations in public spaces, including sidewalks, trails, parks and public facilities, are lawful and permitted.

In Norco, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department is present at all public assemblies and demonstrations to preserve the peace, protect life and prevent the destruction of property. All residents are encouraged to stay connected to the City of Norco by following official social media pages (, and signing-up to receive community news and alerts via text and/or email at

For more information, contact the Norco Sheriff’s Station at (951) 270-5673 or