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How to Request a Meeting With Your City Council Members

In Norco, City Council Members are very accessible, and residents and other interested parties can request private meetings with City Council Members at Norco City Hall through the City Clerk’s Office. When a resident or community group requests a private meeting, they are provided an opportunity to speak candidly with their Council Members about community issues in a more private setting than a City Council meeting. Additionally, they have an opportunity to speak for much longer than the three minutes typically permitted for public comment at an official public meeting. A meeting with one or two City Council Members can be requested by any person, including but not limited to residents, business owners, community organizations and potential developers. There are no prerequisites to request a meeting with your City Council Members, as every Norco resident has the same opportunity to engage with their elected officials.

Here’s what to expect when you request a meeting with your City Council Members:

• Up to two—but no more than two—City Council Members can be included in a meeting, as three or more members would constitute a quorum and would violate provisions of the Ralph M. Brown Act, California’s public transparency statute.

• The present City Council Members are often accompanied by a staff member responsible for the specific topic of conversation.

• No formal decisions or negotiations are made at a private meeting, which is intended to initiate open dialogue about projects, programs or ideas.

• During the meeting, the present City Council Members will listen to residents’ comments, concerns or suggestions, and then individually brief their colleagues who were not in attendance as appropriate per the Ralph M. Brown Act.

• Because the meetings are private, no formal minutes or recordings are documented or published for public review.

The Norco City Council firmly believes that these more relaxed meeting environments provide an outstanding opportunity to listen to constituents, become better educated and more engaged, and learn about what is happening within the City’s neighborhoods, organizations and beyond. A private meeting between City Council Members and constituents is not nefarious, and actually happens very frequently. It is important to note that the ability to request a private meeting with your City Council Members is representative of an accountable, approachable and responsive local government. In fact, living in a community where diverse opinions are heard by accessible elected officials, like in Norco, is an admirable amenity.

To request a meeting with the Norco City Council, contact the City Clerk’s Office at (951) 270-5623 or