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Provide Input on Speed Humps

Traffic engineers are constantly evaluating various “traffic calming” measures designed to soften the impact of traffic through residential neighborhoods. Specific practices employed throughout the country include physical improvements like speed bumps or traffic circles, as well as educational features like flashing lights at school crosswalks or electronic feedback signs that alert motorists to slow down. The City of Norco’s Public Works Department, working closely with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, assesses which practices are suitable for use in Norco, carefully weighing their impact on the community’s unique animal-keeping lifestyle.

The City recently completed a street reconstruction project on Del Mar Road, which runs through a low-density residential neighborhood. As part of the project, the City removed two existing speed humps which were not replaced due to the City’s Municipal Code prohibition on the use of speed bumps, speed humps, or speed tables as a mechanism to reduce vehicle speeds. The project did include re-striping of the centerline to prohibit passing and to visually reduce the roadway lanes to promote lower speeds.

Since the reconstruction of Del Mar Road, the City has received multiple complaints about the speed humps being removed. Staff installed mobile traffic speed signs to collect data on the number of vehicles and their speeds on the street during two separate two-week periods. The average speed was 30 mph, just above the posted speed limit of 25 mph and well within the accepted norm on residential streets.

The data collected does not appear to support a need to re-install speed humps on Del Mar Road at this time. At its meeting of November 18, 2020, staff will not be recommending the City Council make any changes to Del Mar Road and allow staff to continue to monitor the street’s vehicle traffic to determine if a persistent speeding problem exists.

A public discussion regarding the usage of speed humps will be part of the regular City Council meeting on November 18, 2020 and all interested residents are invited to participate in the discussion by submitting public comments. Please note, the meeting will promote and require social distancing between attendees to ensure compliance with COVID-19 requirements. If you prefer to send your comments in writing, please email on or before November 18, 2020 and those comments will be provided to the City Council as part of the overall discussion.