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Construction of Debris Basin on Crestview Drive

The Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District will soon begin construction on a debris basin that will collect runoff and mud/debris from the hills on the east side of Crestview Drive. This basin will operate in conjunction with the recently constructed storm drain within Crestview Drive to provide additional protection to the road and adjacent residences that have been historically impacted by large flood flows as well as mud and rock being washed off the hillsides.

The construction project is anticipated to begin on January 4, 2021. The project will take approximately six months to complete, and the work and construction will be limited to weekdays from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. While every effort will be taken to minimize impacts on the surrounding community during construction, residents can expect some unavoidable inconveniences, such as restrictions to the construction site, temporary lane closures, and construction traffic and noise.

For more information, contact Construction Manager David Garcia at (951) 955-1288.