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Equestrian-Themed Historic District

At its meeting of February 3, 2021, the City Council will determine if it wishes to proceed with the creation of an Equestrian-Themed Historic District, designed to preserve the unique rural, animal-keeping character of Norco in the face of the region’s unrelenting urbanization and the State of California’s increasingly aggressive housing legislation.

Norco’s large-lot, agricultural zoning constitutes a historical place worthy of formal designation, and an Equestrian-Themed Historic District would commemorate Norco’s agrarian roots and honor the community’s culture. The lifestyle cherished by Norconians is currently jeopardized by overly aggressive developers and state legislation that tends to apply uniform land use policies to every community, without regard to their own distinct personalities. The Equestrian-Themed Historic District is a potential means of preserving Norco’s unique characteristics and lifestyle.  

The City Council previously discussed this concept in November 2020 and the City’s Cultural Resources Consultant has researched the required process for implementation. If the City Council decides to proceed, it would initiate the process of creating an Equestrian-Themed Historic District that encompasses all of the properties in the City’s “A” zoning districts, totaling 5,748 residential, animal-keeping properties.

The concept of creating the Equestrian-Themed Historic District is still in its preliminary stages and additional research will determine what impacts or responsibilities, if any, the implementation of the Historic District may impose on individual property owners. If the City Council determines to move forward on February 3 with the implementation process, it would be authorizing a $28,000 contract for Wilkman Historical Services to proceed with the structured implementation process, a labor-intensive effort that includes substantial research, documentation and public outreach. Additionally, a formal ordinance would be prepared for public comment and an architectural/land use survey of the proposed Historic District would take place.

Every step of the implementation would engage the community’s participation and an effort would be made to keep every affected property owner informed throughout the process. All property owners within the boundaries of the proposed Equestrian-Themed Historic District would be notified to determine if there is substantial opposition to its establishment. Typically, an ordinance governing the creation of a Historic District does not specifically define what constitutes “substantial opposition,” so it would be up to the City Council to determine whether the opposition expressed by property owners is sufficient to prevent the implementation of the Equestrian-Themed Historic District.

To view the meeting agenda and staff report, visit The City Council Meeting on February 3, 2021 is closed to the public due to COVID-19 restrictions, however the public is invited to visit to view the livestream of the meeting. The public may submit comments regarding items on this agenda or any matter within the jurisdiction of the City Council electronically OR telephonically. Please note, the public may not speak twice on the same agenda item by using both mediums.

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