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Construction Update: CarMax Dealership

The CarMax auto dealership, approved in January 2019 for the southeast corner of Second Street and the I-15 Freeway, began construction in the fall of 2019. Like many development projects, it was placed on hold in March 2020 due to the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Construction has now resumed, and the Virginia-based Fortune 500 corporation plans to open the Norco store by the end of 2021.

When finished, the dealership is expected to be one of Norco’s largest sales tax generators, and the walls that buffer the automotive facility from the surrounding residential neighborhood will be attractively landscaped, with sloping berms mitigating the impact of the commercial use. City staff will be monitoring construction very closely to ensure that the CarMax facility is constructed precisely according to the conditions that were demanded by neighboring residents and the City Council.

Throughout the pandemic, used automobile sales have eclipsed those of new cars, as struggling families have sought out value. CarMax, because of its dominance in the industry, has benefitted from this trend and has been posting exceptional quarterly financial reports. Because of the company’s unmatched size and its ability to distribute inventory across a national network, automotive industry analysts view CarMax as uniquely positioned to succeed when demand for vehicles continues to accelerate after the COVID-19 Pandemic passes. This project, and CarMax’s decision to resume it as quickly as possible, demonstrates the company’s confidence in the City of Norco.

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