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New Law Enforcement Tool Is Operational

Law enforcement agencies throughout the nation are adopting Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) systems to enhance their enforcement and investigative capabilities, expand their collection of relevant data, and expedite the tedious, time-consuming process of manually comparing vehicle license plates with lists of stolen, wanted and other vehicles of interest. ALPR systems automatically capture an image of the vehicle’s license plate, transform that image into alphanumeric characters using optical character recognition software, compares the plate number acquired to one or more law enforcement databases, and alerts law enforcement when a vehicle of interest has been observed.

The automated capture, analysis and comparison of vehicle license plates typically occurs within seconds, alerting the officer almost immediately when a wanted plate is observed. The system automates and improves the efficiency and effectiveness of identifying wanted vehicles and persons observed entering and exiting our community. ALPR is a valuable, time-saving resource that has made law enforcement agencies throughout the nation more effective.

The City Council approved the purchase and implementation of 10 ALPR fixed cameras at selected City locations. All the cameras have now been installed and a system check has been completed. Training on the use of the system has been received and all Norco Sheriff’s personnel are authorized users. The system is now fully operational to provide real-time updates on stolen/felony vehicle hits and as a research database for other ongoing criminal investigations.

Law enforcement agencies throughout the United States—including neighboring cities like Chino, Eastvale, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, and Riverside—have adopted the technology with great success. ALPR data is only accessible by law enforcement personnel for officer investigative purposes and all access is logged by the user, ensuring proper use of the information that balances personal privacy concerns with public safety.

ALPR technology is a significant tool in the arsenal of law enforcement and public safety agencies. It automates a tedious manual process that officers regularly complete in their daily operations, and vastly improves their efficiency and effectiveness in identifying vehicles of interest among the hundreds or thousands they observe in routine patrol. Moreover, it generates a rich and enduring record of vehicle sightings, complete with time, date, and geographic location information for each observation. This data can substantially enhance the investigative capacity of law enforcement, greatly contributes to intelligence collection, and aids in the apprehension and conviction of criminals.

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