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The Norco City Council Adopted the 2016 Strategic Plan

Following unanimous approvals by all city commission and advisory boards, the City Council approved a written Strategic Plan that will guide City decisions and actions over the next 3-5 years. The Strategic Plan includes a revised mission statement, revised vision statement and five (5) separate strategic priorities along with specific actions that are necessary to achieving the strategic priorities. The strategic priorities which were developed by commission and advisory board members, City Council members, staff and residents are as follows:

Infrastructure – Establish funding for planning, maintenance, replacement and development of infrastructure

Community Outreach – Engage with the community through excellent customer service, communication and programs

Financial Stability – Assure financial stability by identifying new revenue sources and continuing prudent financial management

Economic Development – Increase transient occupancy tax (TOT) and sales tax  by attracting new businesses, retaining existing businesses, and attracting tourism

Public Safety – Improve the quality of life by enhancing public safety services


Copies of the final Strategic Plan, with detailed specific work plans, are available at City Hall and online through the City’s website here.

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