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Current Pavement Improvement Projects

The City currently has a contractor working on three pavement improvement projects that involve removal of dirt and asphalt grindings: Corona Avenue (Fifth Street to Frontier Road), Market Street, and Golden Gate Circle. The City has requested that the contractor place the dirt and grindings in two locations to help raise and improve the existing dirt shoulders in each area: Mountain Avenue (First Street to Second Street) and River Drive. Please note that the City maps erroneously list these areas as horse trails, however they are actually dirt shoulders that have been significantly deteriorated by vehicle traffic. The contractor will deposit the dirt and grindings in piles, level and roll the material to compact it down. This will significantly help alleviate the low shoulder on Mountain Avenue and will provide a better surface on River Drive where vehicle traffic continues to create deep tire tracks and uneven surfaces. Because these areas are not designated as City engineered and approved trails, which call for decomposed granite as base material, the spreading of the dirt and asphalt grindings is an appropriate use to improve the deteriorated roadside conditions in each area. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Public Works Department at (951) 270-5627 or publicworks@ci.norco.ca.us.