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Press Release: City of Norco Opposes Transition to a District-Based Election System

NORCO, CA – At its meeting of May 16, 2018, the Norco City Council voted to reject the adoption of an Ordinance that would have changed the City’s election system from at-large to district-based. A district-based election system means voters with a designated City Council electoral district elect one City Council member who must also reside in and be a registered voter of that district. The City Council chose to retain the at-large system whereby candidates may reside anywhere in the City and all registered voters vote for all Council Members.

In addition to opposing the immediate transition to a district-based election system, the City Council recommended that the City partner with the law firm representing the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project. Rather than converting to a district-based election system, the City Council recommended that the partnership include a pilot program in which the City establishes and implements a Latino voter outreach campaign. The City of Norco plans to evaluate the 2018 election data results for compliance with the California Voting Rights Act.

In November 2017, the Norco City Council began to consider the potential of transitioning from an at-large election system to a district-based election system after it was served with a demand letter alleging a violation of the California Voting Rights Act. The City worked extensively with the community to analyze and identify the best possible solution for the City. A total of 10 public meetings and hearings were held to receive public input on the potential transition to district-based elections. The City Council reviewed seven potential boundary maps, received hundreds of comments from residents, reviewed alternative elections systems, and conducted racially polarized voting analyses.

The City of Norco will continue to host discussions with the law firm in hopes that it finds an outcome that is beneficial to the residents of Norco. For more information, contact the City of Norco City Clerk’s Office at (951) 270-5617 or

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