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Incidents at the California Rehabilitation Center Pose No Threats to Norco Residents

Earlier today, City of Norco CAL FIRE engines and personnel were dispatched to fire incidents at the California Rehabilitation Center (CRC) in Norco. There were several reports of fires that had broken out inside of the State-run facility as a result of riots by inmates dissatisfied with the newly implemented “Non-Designated Programming Facility.” Previously, inmates were separated in a “Sensitive Needs Yard” and “General Population Yard.”  

The current situation at CRC does not present any public safety risks to Norco residents. The City’s Fire and Sheriff Departments are ready to act, should the need arise to ensure the safety of all residents. CRC is a State-operated institution with onsite State Fire and Prison Guard personnel. The reported fire incidents were all inside of CRC boundaries, and were contained internally prior to the arrival of CAL FIRE personnel and equipment.

For more information, please contact the California Rehabilitation Center at (951) 737-2683 or email