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New ARCO Development Coming to Hidden Valley Parkway

A new ARCO service station is coming to 675 Hidden Valley Parkway (on the north side, east of Yasment Street). The project will consist of a convenience store, pump stations/canopy, automatic carwash, and a future quick-serve eatery within the convenience store. Development plans for the project, which has been designed to reflect Norco’s equestrian and Western heritage, are currently being processed and construction can begin once they are approved by staff.

The project features significant landscaping, block walls and LED lighting designed to reduce the impact of noise and light pollution on adjacent neighborhoods, and the developer has worked closely with nearby residents throughout the process. The existing horse trail on the north side of Hidden Valley Parkway will be improved by the developer and will continue to its connection with trails on Sedona Lane and Corona Avenue. The pavement that currently exists will be removed and replaced with a re-directed driveway into the project, but has been abandoned as a street, permanently sealing off Corona Avenue from Hidden Valley Parkway. Only equestrian and pedestrian access between between Hidden Valley Parkway and Sedona Lane will remain.

As the new development project awaits final approval, there is already activity occuring at the corner of Corona Avenue and Sedona Lane. The Public Works Department is constructing a new sewer lift station to replace the existing sewer lift station onsite.  The new lift station will improve the City’s ability to manage the demands on the sewer system in this portion of the City.  The new sewer lift station is being constructed within the City’s existing right-of-way and will not have any impact in the adjacent horse trails.  This project should be completed by the end of the 2018.

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