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Slurry Seals Protect Norco's Infrastructure

The City of Norco recently began slurry seal treatments on 64 streets within the Landscape Maintenance Districts (LMDs), located primarily in the Norco Hills. The purpose of this preventive maintenance is to extend the useful lives of the streets, and in turn making them safer, more attractive and easier to navigate. 

The pavement in these LMD areas is between 15 and 20 years old and has begun showing signs of wear and loss of surface oil emulsion in the asphalt.  If left untreated, these road surfaces would quickly deteriorate to the point of requiring increasingly costly and inconvenient repair treatments, such as grind-and-overlay or full reconstruction. One of the least expensive preventative treatments that can be utilized to extend the life of relatively newer streets is the application of slurry seal to the asphalt surface. 

While the slurry sealing may create a minor inconvenience, it is preventative, less expensive and less disruptive than the more drastic repairs that would eventually be required without this maintenance. These repairs are a good investment in our infrastructure and avoid more costly asphalt repairs that would need to be addressed in the near future.