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City Hall Builds Relationships with Elected Officials

On February 20, 2019, City Council Members and staff welcomed to City Hall two elected officials whose responsibilities have a profound impact on the City of Norco, and whose offices can be valuable resources for the community. First, Mayor Grundmeyer and Mayor Pro Tem Hanna welcomed U.S. Representative Ken Calvert, whose Congressional district includes Norco. He discussed pending legislation in the House of Representatives and fielded questions on issues, such as education, public works, homelessness and affordable housing. Congressman Calvert and his staff made it clear they would use their resources to assist the City of Norco achieve its goals. Later that afternoon, Mayor Grundmeyer and Council Member Hoffman met with Riverside Sheriff Chad Bianco, who reiterated his strong commitment to contract cities like Norco. He insisted that costs for police protection in the community could be reduced without sacrificing the level or quality of service. City Council Members and staff continue to reach out to elected officials in order to strengthen relationships and initiate important conversations that affect residents.