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Concept for Norco Egg Ranch Property

A conceptual proposal to develop the former Norco Egg Ranch property continues to move forward. The environmental team is working on a draft environmental impact report (DEIR) on behalf of the City. A Notice of Preparation (NOP) for the DEIR was circulated seeking input from the public and public agencies on concerns that should be considered in the DEIR. Comments were received and they have been transmitted to the environmental consultant preparing the DEIR document. The purpose of the DEIR document is to identify potential negative impacts from the proposed project and to provide mitigation measures to reduce the anticipated impact levels.

The proposed concept is the development of the former Norco Egg Ranch, along with other adjacent properties under the same ownership, which would consist of approximately 1.9 million square feet of industrial, office and commercial uses in approximately 28 buildings on 103 acres. The next steps in the CEQA process are: 1) Preparation of the DEIR document for review by City staff for completeness; 2) issuance of a Notice of Completion (NOC) that the DEIR is complete, which starts a 45-day public review period of the document; 3) presentation of the DEIR to the various City commissions for recommendations to the City Council; and 4) presentation to the City Council to consider formal project approval and certification of the EIR as complete. The public will have opportunities to review the project and the related environmental documents once they become available, and during any public hearings for consideration of project approval.

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