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Fall Weed Abatement Requirements

Posted: August 20, 2019 | 5:30 p.m.

The Norco Fire Department is in the process of conducting field inspections on vacant lots for weeds/tumbleweeds. Notices for abatement of tumbleweeds were mailed in August and gave vacant property owners until September 15 to abate their lots. Abatement of weeds on vacant lots is the responsibility of the property owner. Field inspections will begin on September 16 . The City of Norco requires that parcels less than 10 acres shall be completely cleared of hazardous vegetation, whereas parcels of 10 acres or greater shall have a minimum 30-foot fire break around the perimeter and shall be divided by a minimum of a 30-foot fire break into areas not exceeding five acres each. Due to the significant threat to life, property and the environment, a non-compliance fine of $250 is assessed when the property owner fails to abate their lot after the established deadline. In addition, any vacant lots that are not abated voluntarily and require abatement by a contractor will also be assessed the contractor’s cost plus the City’s administrative abatement fee, which is 100% of the contractor’s cost.

For more information, contact the Norco Fire Department at (951) 737-8097 ext. 4720 or