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Access Restored to Santa Ana River in Jurupa Valley

Posted: August 20, 2019 | 5:30 p.m.

After consulting with the Regional Water Quality Control Board and Riverside County Public Health Department, the Department of Environmental Health recommended that the City of Jurupa Valley lift the temporary closure of access to the Santa Ana River. The City of Jurupa Valley reopened all access points into the Santa Ana River on Thursday, August 15. The public should be wary that natural waterways do not have the same level of cleanliness as a public swimming pool, which has filtration and disinfection safeguards. Rivers are not regularly tested for the presence of bacteria, as they are naturally flowing bodies of water and testing only provides a snapshot in time. The public should be careful not to ingest the water, to thoroughly wash hands after contact, and to not leave behind trash or use the river area as a restroom.

For more information, contact the Riverside University Health System:

Jose Arballo Jr., RUHS-Public Health

Senior Public Information Specialist

Office: 951.358.5599

Cell: 951.712.3705     


Barbara Cole, RUHS-Public Health    

Director, Disease Control

Office: 951.358.5107