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City Council Approves Measure R Citizens’ Oversight Committee Budget Recommendations for Various Projects and Programs

On Wednesday, August 21, the Norco City Council approved the following recommendations from the Measure R Citizens’ Oversight Committee. Since May 2019, the Committee has reviewed proposed uses of Measure R revenues to fund various projects and programs in Fiscal Year 2019-2020. Based on its review, the Citizens’ Oversight Committee recommended that the City Council approve funding in the amounts summarized below.

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Trail System Maintenance500,000
Trail Fence Replacement100,000
Street Projects1,500,000
Citywide Roof Projects805,500
Sheriff Sub-Station and City Hall Improvements204,000
Citywide AC/Swamp Cooler Replacement230,000
Parking Lot Projects295,625
Citywide ADA Assessment30,000
Santa Ana River Trail Project168,000