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Mandatory Trail and Right-of-Way Maintenance Requirements

In the City of Norco, responsibility for trail maintenance is a joint venture between the City and its residents. But beginning January 1, 2020, the role of Norco residents was expanded. The City remains responsible for physical improvements of trails, including surfacing and resurfacing, filling in holes, repairing damage caused by floods and runoff, installing and maintaining trail fencing, and trimming trees in the right-of-way. But residents are now obligated to perform routine maintenance on the trails, simple tasks that most Norconians already undertake with pleasure.

Residents are now required to remove weeds, pick-up trash and water trees in the trails in front of, alongside and behind their property lines. The lifeblood to “Horsetown USA”—the very identity of the lifestyle Norconians cherish—is the City’s horse trails. It should be a matter of pride for every homeowner and business owner to be a good steward of the trails that adjoin their properties. Property owners can now be cited and potentially fined for not properly maintaining their trails. Take pride!

What types of trails are property owners responsible for maintaining?

Property owners are required to maintain public trails that are located:

  • Along the street in front of their property
  • To the side of their property
  • Behind their property, including backyard trails in some neighborhoods

Business owners are required to maintain public trails that are:

  • In front of their business in commercial districts, such as Sixth Street

What is the right-of-way?

The right-of-way includes the area, whether there is a trail or not, that lies between the edge of pavement (or the back face of curb) and the front property line of a lot.

What type of trail maintenance are property owners responsible for?

All property owners are responsible for:

  1. Maintaining adjacent trails free of weeds, vegetation, and trash
  2. Maintaining the right-of-way free of weeds and trash (this includes parkway areas)
  3. Providing continuous watering of trees in the parkway to maintain health

What type of trail maintenance is the City responsible for?

The City of Norco is responsible for physical improvements to trails, including:

  • Surfacing and re-grading of trails, including filling in holes
  • Repairing flood and run-off damage to trails
  • Installation, repair, and maintenance of trail fencing
  • Tree trimming of trees in the right-of-way

Who is responsible for maintaining trails in a landscape maintenance district?

Property owners in landscape maintenance districts (LMD) are not required to maintain trails. Property owners in an LMD, including properties developed in the Norco Hills Specific Plan and the Norco Ridge Ranch Specific Plan, are assessed annual fees for the provision of trail maintenance services throughout the year.

It is important to note that most of the properties in the City are not within an LMD that provides trail maintenance services, therefore most property owners are responsible for trail maintenance. Only those lots that are in an LMD area have trail maintenance services.

If you are unsure as to whether your property has trail maintenance services through an LMD, contact the City of Norco Parks and Public Facilities Division at (951) 270-5632 or

What consequences could property owners face if they do not maintain trails or the right-of-way along their property?

Because trail and right-of-way maintenance is a requirement in the Norco Municipal Code (NMC) Section 12.18.020, property owners who neglect to maintain these areas are technically in violation for a public nuisance. A violation of the NMC is subject to the issuance of a citation and penalty fine. If the issue is not resolved, a second citation will be issued with an escalated penalty fine. If the issue remains unresolved, the City may elect to seek an injunction against the property owner through the County court system where the property owner becomes responsible for all legal costs associated with the abatement of a public nuisance.

How can property owners report trail and right-of-way maintenance issues?

Residents are encouraged to report physical trail maintenance issues, such as flood damage or fence damage, via the City website at or via the City of Norco Mobile App, which can be downloaded in the App Store (iPhone) at or in the Google Play Store (Android) at

How can property owners learn more about trail and right-of-way maintenance requirements?

Trail and right-of-way maintenance requirements are explained in the Norco Municipal Code, which can be accessed at For additional information, contact the City of Norco at (951) 270-5623 or