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Palomino Business Park Draft Environmental Impact Report

The City has released a Notice of Availability for the draft environmental impact report (DEIR) for Palomino Business Park, which is a 110-acre development being proposed on the former Norco Ranch Inc. egg processing campus. The site is roughly bounded by Pacific Avenue, Mountain Avenue, Second Street, and First Street. The DEIR was prepared by consultants retained by Cap Rock, the developer of the proposed business park, approved by the City, and under the supervision of the City. The public review period runs from November 18, 2019 to January 2, 2020. Copies of the document are available for review at Norco City Hall, 2870 Clark Avenue; Norco Community Library, 3240 Hamner Avenue # 101B; Fire Station #47, 3902 Hillside Avenue; and Norco Senior Center, 2690 Clark Avenue. The DEIR can also be reviewed at

For reporting purposes, the City of Norco is considered the Lead Agency by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for all projects occurring in the City. Per CEQA, the first step in the review of an environmental impact report (EIR)—it is required for major development projects—is a public review of the Draft EIR (DEIR). When the DEIR is ready for review, the Lead Agency issues a Notice of Availability of the DEIR, which begins a 45-day public review period. During the public review period, any interested individuals or parties may provide comments, suggested changes or additions, and present questions. After the 45-day public review period, the Lead Agency or its consulting team prepares responses and changes to the DEIR based on the comments received during the public review period. When those changes are completed to the satisfaction of the City, the DEIR is scheduled for review and action (to modify, approve or not approve) by the City’s commissions and City Council.

The developer proposes approximately 2,050,000 square feet of new building space, in 36 industrial buildings and 3 commercial buildings, with related on-site and off-site improvements. Implementation of the project would require the removal of 36 existing single-family residences. Palomino Business Park has the potential of attracting a wide variety of new businesses to the City, creating new jobs and revenue.

For more information, contact the Planning Department at (951) 270-5661 or