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City Council Completes Annual Reorganization

At its regular meeting held on Wednesday, December 4, the Norco City Council reorganized as follows:

Berwin Hanna, Mayor

Kevin Bash, Mayor Pro Tem

Robin Grundmeyer, Council Member

Ted Hoffman, Council Member

Greg Newton, Council Member

Following the election of Mayor Berwin Hanna and Mayor Pro Tem Kevin Bash, the Norco City Council commended Mayor Robin Grundmeyer's service, leadership and dedication to Norco. Then, the Council literally gave Mayor Grundmeyer "the boot."

"Tonight, we are starting a new tradition," stated newly elected Mayor Berwin Hanna. "We are going to officially give Mayor Grundmeyer the boot. This fancy boot is filled with notes of gratitude and fond memories from your fellow Council Members and staff, and will stay in the City Council Office at City Hall until it’s time to give me and future mayors the boot. It’s a new way to say thanks, without saying goodbye, and is very fitting for Horsetown USA."

For more information on the reorganization of the Norco City Council, contact the City of Norco at