Trash / Recycling

Trash pickup is mandatory in Norco and is included with your water service when you make arrangements at City Hall. Contact City Hall at (951) 270-5669. Trash is picked up on Mondays, excluding holidays. Residents with parcels of one acre or more may apply for a self-haul trash permit to bring their trash to the landfill. For residents with livestock, manure bins are available through Waste Management or residents may apply for a self-haul manure permit.

Residential trash services are provided using three different colored, wheeled carts. Recycling carts are gray – for clean recyclable materials such as newspapers, clean glass bottles, clean aluminum cans, paper products, etc. Grass and leaves, only, are approved for the green “green waste” cart. The household cart is dark green with a brown lid, for any other types of regular refuse items. County mandates require the recycling of normal household materials, green waste and horse manure.

For more information, please call the Water / Trash Division at (951) 270-5656 or see the Utilities page.